Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Isabel's 10th birthday party

For her birthday this year, we had a birthday party at a gym.  She invited many of her close friends and they jumped on a trampoline, played on an obstacle course, jumped in a foam pit, walked on a balance beam and just had so much fun!

Sweet group of friends

Isabel and her sweet friend, Mia

Double Digits

We blinked and our baby girl is TEN! Double Digits!  Isabel is growing up so fast and we are so proud of her.  She is sweet and and little sassy and sarcastic.  She is kind, compassionate, and sensitive.  Her heart truly breaks when others suffer.  She is shy but can fit more words in 20 seconds than anyone I know.  She is smart.  Loves to write but math is not her favorite.  She is beautiful, honest and a good friend.  She loves babies and is comfortable around teenagers.  Most importantly, she is a child of God!

Lunch with my beautiful TEN year old

Isabel and her friend, Leighton

That night we celebrated by eating pizza and frozen yogurt with family

She loves Sweet Frog

Upwards Raptors

Will played upwards basketball again this year.  Josh was his coach and even though their team struggled, Will played great and the whole team improved a lot throughout the season.  Because Will was the best player on their team, he played against the best players on the other teams.  Most of these kids were older and more experienced than him.  It was frustrating at times but Will kept a good attitude for the most part and was still able to play really well.

Will loved his coach and their mascot

Square Dancing

2nd grade means square dancing at OMES. I'm not sure Will enjoyed it as much as his sister but he tolerated it enough enough "real PE" was back.  After a few weeks of learning the dances, the kids got to show off all they learned for their parents. Will may have refused to wear the bandanna and cowboy hat I had for him but I was so proud of him. His partner was Leah who has special needs. She was in his class in kindergarten and again this year. He loves Leah but being her partner for square dancing was not easy. He did a great job!