Friday, January 27, 2017

Basketball cheering

Isabel and her school cheer squad have been learning a dance for the last few months and they finally got to perform during halftime of OMHS girls' basketball game.  Isabel was so excited and she did great!!

Southern snow day

Since we have moved to Alabama we really have not seen any snow.  I miss it.  We thought we were going to get our chance to get some real snow a few weeks ago.  The weathermen were forecasting 1-3 inches.  School was closed.  Break and milk were bought by everyone.  We were ready.  After waiting all day, it started sleeting pretty heavily.  We kept waiting for that sleet to turn to snow but unfortunately it never came.

The next day Isabel and Will were a little disappointed but still got out to play in the "snow" we did get.  It may not have snowed but it was still cold.  I was amazed at how long they stayed out.

we realized very quickly that we don't actually own any "snow clothes"

There was more snow on the trampoline than anywhere else so that is where they stayed most of the time

Isabel spent a lot of the time slipping and falling and then laughing too hard to get back up

throwing snow at Will

Snow Angels on the trampoline

After a while Will decided that he was done being wet.  After changing clothes he was back out to play.

After staying off the roads for 2 days we decided it was worth the risk to drive to the nearest restaurant that was open, Waffle House!