Thursday, November 3, 2016

Flag Football 2016

Will decided to try a new sport this fall.  We wouldn't let him play tackle football so he decided flag football would be fun.  Fortunately he got on a team with his two best friends and a lot of other boys that he had fun playing with.  His coaches were great and they had such a fun season that ended with them winning the championship game!.  Will played center but also had some great catches and one amazing touchdown run!

Ready for his first game

Isabel was a great sister this season cheering on her brother

snapping the ball to Hudson

Although they had two losses at the beginning of the season, they didn't give up and made it to the playoffs.  They won their first playoff game late one Tuesday night.  Will didn't feel great and there were a lot of bad calls but the Seahawks won and Will caught 2 passes for an extra point and one long pass down field that was almost a touchdown!  It was a great game and we were so proud of him.

This morning they played the 2nd game in the playoffs and won again!  Will played a great game and even caught a touchdown pass!  An hour later the championship game started.  It was a close game and the Seahawks were down early but came back to win!!!

getting his trophy from his coach

Such a fun team!  These boys worked hard and had fun together!

one last "GO SEAHAWKS!"

So proud of this kid!

2nd grade flag football Champions!!

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