Sunday, October 9, 2016

1st day of school 2016

Our fun-filled summer flew by and all of the sudden it was time to start school again.  This would be the first time Isabel and Will would not be at the same school.  Isabel was starting 4th grade at the intermediate school and was a little anxious about those changes.  A new school, new teachers and lots of new people (because 2 elementary schools combined)! At her registration, a few days before school started, we found out her teacher and were told that she is one of the best.  Her class will also go to 2 other teachers and we were told they were fantastic too so we were so excited.  Although she only knew one girl in her (a little girl from church), her best friend is in one of the classes she switches with and they will do lots together.

Will started 2nd grade at OMES.  He was super excited because his teacher is Isabel's beloved Mrs. Smith.  Isabel was excited for him but also a little jealous.  Will didn't know a lot of kids in his class but knew he would make friends fast and was excited about starting school.

At meet the teacher, Isabel ran to give Mrs. Smith a hug before Will could even get there.

First day of 4th and 2nd Grade

Fortunately both kids had a great first day of school.  They love their teachers and have already made so many new friends.  I'm figuring out how to do carpool at two schools and love still getting to be involved in their classes.