Sunday, September 18, 2016

Valleydale Beach Camp 2016

The kids and I joined Josh and about 80 teenagers for beach camp in Daytona this year. I knew Isabel and Will would love the worship and the beach but I was not sure how they would handle the 10+ hour drive. After much thought and discussion we decided to ride with the group in the charter buses even though they were leaving at 4AM!! 

They did WAY better on the bus than I ever imagined. They watched movies (the teenagers were nice enough to pick movies Iz and Will could watch too), did stickers, played on phones and kindles way more than I've ever allowed in one day, and even used the bus bathroom!

Once we finally got to Daytona, got everyone checked in to the hotel and ate some pizza the students headed to the first session but we headed to the pool. I knew I couldn't expect them to sit still any longer. Plus an early bedtime was needed since we had been up since 4am!

The view from our room was beautiful. All of our rooms were on one hallway in the hotel. One side faced the ocean and the other faced the street. We walked in our room to see the view and the kids were devastated to see that ours faced the street. Luckily a sweet chaperone and her girls insisted that we switch rooms with them so Isabel and Will could have their ocean view! 

Each morning started with squad wars. Their were 4 groups and the kids had crazy cheers and played crazy games. Isabel and Will loved watching it! Then we would stay for worship and a quick talk. 

After lunch each day we all went to the beach and pool. There was a long area of the beach with very shallow water that Will loved playing in. The riptide was very strong so we didn't get in much further. 

One afternoon when the riptide was especially bad, almost our entire group ended up in the same pool. They decided to throw/flip everyone! Isabel and Will refused to be flipped but we all watched. It was hilarious. The students gave Josh no choice and did end up throwing him!

Isabel and Will loved Chris Tomlin leading worship the most!
Depending on how close we sat, I usually made them wear earplugs and even headphones one night! It was LOUD!

The kids and I went to the worship each night but left before the speaker. We usually got ice cream or donuts from the stores across the street and walked on the beach some before going to sleep!

No one was ready to leave! I know these are memories that Isabel and Will will have forever!

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