Thursday, August 4, 2016

New Orleans mission trip

This year Josh and I decided that we didn't want to be apart all summer again and our kids were old enough to go on some trips with the students. Our first trip to go on was the HS mission trip to New Orleans. I was nervous about a lot of things but my kids were amazing and the teenagers on the trip were so sweet to include us all. It was a great experience. 

We all stayed at the New Orleans baptist seminary. The students stayed in dorms and Josh was able to stay with the kids and me in a hotel type room also at the seminary. It worked out really well. 

We spent every morning doing a backyard bible club for a very low income area. We just set up in the median in the neighborhood and went door to door inviting kids to come. We had so many kids come each day to play, do crafts, sing, and hear a Bible story. Isabel and Will were great helpers with the younger kids that came. 

This little guy wanted to be held by me most of the day everyday. I can't say I minded all that much (even if it was a million degrees!!)

Somehow Isabel became in charge of this little girl, Day, for the week. Day was a mess so it was not an easy job but Isabel was so great with her. I loved watching her love on this little girl and try to teach her about Jesus. 

We all went to the French Quarter one night. I can't say I really liked being in that area too much but it was definitely an experience. 


One afternoon Josh and the students went to a boys home and Josh and I decided that the kids and I should not join them. Instead Isabel, Will and I spent the afternoon at a children's museum and had a great time. 

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