Sunday, September 25, 2016

Isabel and Will's baptism

Since before our children were born, Josh and I have prayed that they would come to know Jesus early, but not too early.  I have heard so many stories from teenagers who became Christians as very young children and then doubted their salvation once they got older.  I didn't want to pressure my kids into making a decision just because their dad is a minister and they know all the answers and are in church every time it is open (and sometimes when it is not).  So as we have had many conversations about what it means to follow Jesus with your whole life, I have never asked them if they wanted to be Christians.  I have always prayed that the Holy Spirit would work in their lives and that they would come to us wanting to make this decision.  God is so good and answered my prayer this summer.

At VBS this year they talked a lot about people in the bible who knew all the answers about God but how you still have to make the decision to follow God for the rest of your life and make Jesus the boss of your life.  Isabel filled out a card saying she wanted to talk to someone about being a Christian.  A few days later the card came in the mail and Isabel was explaining what it was to Will because it was only for 3rd graders and up.  As she was explaining Will looked at me and said "oh yeah, I've been meaning to talk to you about all that.  I'm ready."  Before I could even form words to respond Isabel said, "yeah I've been waiting for that card to come in the mail so you would ask me about it. I'm ready too."   Trying not to cry, I talked with them both a little more and then told them that we would wait for Josh to get home from Guatemala.  A few days after he got home, Will refused to go to sleep until we talked about it.  Josh asked him a lot of questions just to make sure he really understood what he was doing.  After praying with him we walked into Isabel's room who asked what we were doing with Will.  When I told her she wanted to do it that night too.  It was an incredible night full of answered prayers.

On August 7, 2016 both kids were baptized by their daddy.  Isabel had been terrified of baptism for years but the fear was completely gone after she made the decision to follow Jesus.  She was beyond excited about being baptized and she and Will counted down the days.  It was such a special moment with so many of our family and friends standing there with us.

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