Saturday, July 30, 2016

Arkansas visit 2016

The day after VBS Josh and a group of high school jrs and seniors left for Guatemala. 

We couldn't stay at home and miss him all week so my mom, Isabel, Will and I headed to Arkansas to visit our family there. We had such a great family. I loved getting to spend time with my aunt and cousins and Isabel and Will loved playing with their second cousins. 

   Will is so excited to have a boy cousin


Isabel and Will love staying at Aunt Sandra's house. She spoils us all while we are there!!

Dana and her family were having some family pictures made and let us take some too. It was hot but the kids spent time in between pictures playing on the tracks and then playing with water guns!

We spent so much time sitting on Dana and Brian's deck. The adults talked while the kids jumped on the trampoline, did a slip and slide and played in water. 

       Everybody wins with a kids table!!
We also went to a kids museum and a nature center

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