Friday, March 11, 2016

Isabel's 9th birthday

My sweet baby girl turned 9 this year.  Once again, her birthday fell on Disciple Now weekend at church but we were still able to fit in some celebrating.  She and Will spent the night with Nana and then met Josh and me at the church.  Because she just couldn't wait any longer, she got to  open one present in the church parking lot.  Then she got to enjoy a fun concert from Rush of Fools before we met lots of family for her birthday dinner.

To celebrate her birthday, Isabel invited a few friends to eat pizza, have manicures and then enjoy some yogurt.  It ended up being the perfect celebration for my girly girl who is growing up way too fast.

Isabel and Sara

The girls enjoying pizza

Silly girls

So excited about her first manicure

They were so quiet and serious during the manicure

Red fingernails with polka dots of course

Yogurt time!

I love this sweet girl!

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