Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas Eve

Christmas this year was one of the best we've had in a long time.  For years I always felt like it was my job to make everything perfect and when it wasn't (because nothing ever is) I felt such huge disappointment.  Last year I was so disappointed that we were not in our new house and my expectations about Christmas were pretty low but it ended up being pretty good.  We were able to focus more on what really matters.  This year I decided that Christmas is about celebrating Jesus with my family.  I didn't compare what we did with anyone else and didn't put high expectations on everything.  It ended up being a relaxing and very happy Christmas.

Christmas Eve services are always some of my favorite.  There is just something special about starting Christmas at church singing songs about Jesus in candlelight.  This year Nana, Grams, and my uncle Brad came to church with us.

Will just had to help Josh pass out bulletins to everyone at church

Sweet kids after the service
(unfortunately it was about 75 degrees that night but Isabel really wanted to wear her new sweater dress anyway.  Good thing the AC was on!)

I love my family

After church we all went back to our house and Matt, Lauren, and the girls joined us.  This year I decided a chick-fil-a nugget tray would be the easiest and less stressful dinner option.  Someone else did the cooking and I didn't have to fight with my kids to eat it!  Perfect!  We all had a great night just being together.

After everyone left we let Isabel and Will open their presents to each other and then Josh and I both got to open a gift from one of the kids.  These are always my favorite presents!

Will was so excited about this Titans helmet he picked out for Josh

Will bought Isabel a beautiful bracelet

Isabel knows her brother well and bought him a ball popper gun!

Time to get ready for Santa's visit!  First step was to throw out food for the reindeer

They set out milk and cookies and then quickly headed to bed!

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