Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas cookies 2015

A few days before Christmas we all got together to make the traditional Knierim Christmas cookies at Nana's house. As always, it was entertaining and fun.  You never know what will happen when you give 5 kids icing and sprinkles!

Kids hard at work.  It was funny to see the different strategies of each kid.  Will was somewhat of a perfectionist.  He had just the right amount of sprinkles in just the right places.  Avery kept putting more and more sprinkles on the cookies if you didn't take it away quickly.  Ansley poured tons of sprinkles and Isabel tried hard to let Addy help her without pouring way too many sprinkles.

After a few minutes we caught Ansley pouring sprinkles in her mouth instead of the cookies!!

serious concentration from this one

the oldest and youngest cousin

the whole crazy cousin crew

This kid was diagnosed with walking pneumonia earlier this day but the doctor said he wasn't contagious so I gave him a dose of medicine and we went to decorate.  He didn't feel great but still had a lot of fun. 

Ansley was caught eating more sprinkles!

my sweet girl

some of the finished products

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