Thursday, December 31, 2015

Merry Christmas 2015

Christmas day was such a great day this year.  We were thinking the kids wouldn't wake up too early since Isabel slept until 8:30am the day before but storms woke her up at 6:15am and she never went back to sleep. Will woke up a little after 7 and we made them wait for Nana and Grams to get here at 7:30 before we let them go downstairs.  The excitement was at crazy high levels!!

waiting on the stairs-gotta love that bed head

running downstairs to see what Santa left

Both Isabel and Will saw these "stretch-kins" on TV a while before Christmas and decided they just had to have one.  Good thing Santa knew what they were.

Will's big gift was this sports tower.  There are different sports on every side and hockey at the bottom.  Since Will is throwing a ball about 75% of the time he is awake, it seemed like the perfect gift for him.  

Isabel's big gift was a new kindle.  She was so excited to get one and especially one with a pretty purple case!

bow and arrow

and of course basketball

After breakfast and quick showers, it was time to open more presents.  We were all excited about all we received.

Isabel picked out a money clip and best dad trophy at the holiday shop for Josh

Isabel got me a beautiful necklace and Will got me this awesome bejewelled flashlight!

Isabel decided less than a week before Christmas that she would jump on the shopkins bandwagon and wanted some too!

It was an Alabama kind of football for this kid!

I think my mom loved her necklace with her grandchildren's names on it

I love this so much and now just need a place to put it in the new house

We have every Alabama game from this season (other than that one loss) recorded on our DVR and Will has watched them over and over.  We found him a DVD of Alabama's 2009 season when they won the National Championship and Nana got him a DVD of multiple historic games.

putting together the hotwheels track was not an easy task

putting stickers on Isabel's barbie camper wasn't an easy task either

After an afternoon of playing with their new toys, we headed to Nana's house to have dinner and open presents with everyone there

The funniest present of Christmas was to Nana from Josh and Matt.  They recreated a childhood picture and it was hilarious!

sweet Addy loved her presents

Every Bama fan needs a Big Al right?

Sweet Cousins at Christmas! I love that we are in Birmingham and all get to be together

Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas Eve

Christmas this year was one of the best we've had in a long time.  For years I always felt like it was my job to make everything perfect and when it wasn't (because nothing ever is) I felt such huge disappointment.  Last year I was so disappointed that we were not in our new house and my expectations about Christmas were pretty low but it ended up being pretty good.  We were able to focus more on what really matters.  This year I decided that Christmas is about celebrating Jesus with my family.  I didn't compare what we did with anyone else and didn't put high expectations on everything.  It ended up being a relaxing and very happy Christmas.

Christmas Eve services are always some of my favorite.  There is just something special about starting Christmas at church singing songs about Jesus in candlelight.  This year Nana, Grams, and my uncle Brad came to church with us.

Will just had to help Josh pass out bulletins to everyone at church

Sweet kids after the service
(unfortunately it was about 75 degrees that night but Isabel really wanted to wear her new sweater dress anyway.  Good thing the AC was on!)

I love my family

After church we all went back to our house and Matt, Lauren, and the girls joined us.  This year I decided a chick-fil-a nugget tray would be the easiest and less stressful dinner option.  Someone else did the cooking and I didn't have to fight with my kids to eat it!  Perfect!  We all had a great night just being together.

After everyone left we let Isabel and Will open their presents to each other and then Josh and I both got to open a gift from one of the kids.  These are always my favorite presents!

Will was so excited about this Titans helmet he picked out for Josh

Will bought Isabel a beautiful bracelet

Isabel knows her brother well and bought him a ball popper gun!

Time to get ready for Santa's visit!  First step was to throw out food for the reindeer

They set out milk and cookies and then quickly headed to bed!

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas cookies 2015

A few days before Christmas we all got together to make the traditional Knierim Christmas cookies at Nana's house. As always, it was entertaining and fun.  You never know what will happen when you give 5 kids icing and sprinkles!

Kids hard at work.  It was funny to see the different strategies of each kid.  Will was somewhat of a perfectionist.  He had just the right amount of sprinkles in just the right places.  Avery kept putting more and more sprinkles on the cookies if you didn't take it away quickly.  Ansley poured tons of sprinkles and Isabel tried hard to let Addy help her without pouring way too many sprinkles.

After a few minutes we caught Ansley pouring sprinkles in her mouth instead of the cookies!!

serious concentration from this one

the oldest and youngest cousin

the whole crazy cousin crew

This kid was diagnosed with walking pneumonia earlier this day but the doctor said he wasn't contagious so I gave him a dose of medicine and we went to decorate.  He didn't feel great but still had a lot of fun. 

Ansley was caught eating more sprinkles!

my sweet girl

some of the finished products

Friday, December 25, 2015

1st grade performance

The first grade had their big performance at school.  Will was so excited about it, especially since he had a speaking part.  They all did a great job!

He looks way too old in this picture but so handsome!

 The kids that were chosen to speak got to write their own line about what Christmas means to them.  Will said that Christmas was about celebrating Jesus!

Last year he got pretty nervous before his performance but he was pure excitement this year.

Big sister is always there to cheer him on

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Christmas singing

Isabel and Will have been practicing with a little choir at church and finally got a chance to perform last Sunday.  They both loved being up on stage and did a great job!

cute kids in their Christmas colors

singing "dude, do you hear what I hear.."

"Oh come let us adore him"

untangling Christmas lights while they sing

cool dudes