Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Will is 7!!

And just like that my baby boy turned seven!  We love our little man so much and are so thankful for him even though watching him grow up is a little bittersweet.  There is very little "baby" left in him.  He is definitely a big kid now!

He still has his moments that make me want to pull my hair out but overall Will really is a great kid.  We are always told how sweet and well behaved he is at church and in school.  His teacher this year goes to our church so we get to talk to her often.  She is always praising him for being such a leader in his class.  He is doing so well in school.  Will is an amazing reader and we have seen such incredible improvement this year already in his writing and spelling.  He is simply a math whiz.  Concepts just make sense to him immediately and he is quick to figure out a problem in his head.  I have never loved math so I'm thankful that so far it is easy for him.

Will is still all boy and his lifelong obsession with sports continues.  He never stops moving.  His new favorite thing to do is watch old Alabama football games over and over.  While watching, he is acting out the plays and constantly running and catching and having his own game all over the den floor.  No picture frame is safe in our house!  We finished soccer season and immediately started basketball 2 days later.  He wouldn't want it any other way.

We celebrated his birthday a day early.  He was super excited about opening his presents early and then we had dinner with Grams, Nana, Uncle Matt, Aunt Lauren, Avery, Ansley and Addy.  Isabel was very  proud of the gift she picked out for him.

She got him a candy bar and a game she thought he would like.  I think the best part of the present for Will is that Isabel will actually play the game with him!

If you can't actually play basketball at all times, you should at least have a basketball game to play.

Will has told us repeatedly that he really wants an ipad/tablet but he knew it was expensive and didn't think he would get it.  (His plan was actually to just ask Santa Claus since he could just make one and it wouldn't be expensive.)  We got him his own Kindle for his birthday and he was beyond excited.  The look on his sweet face when he opened it was perfect!  His favorite thing about it is the ESPN app so he can always have a game to watch!

Of course the game had to be opened and played before heading to dinner!

Will also got a bow and arrow from Grams.  The "arrows" are like bouncy balls on the end so not so dangerous.  In his mind, bouncy ends means it is fine to shoot in the house!

**Please notice Will's clothes.  This is basically his uniform.  He only wants to wear athletic pants and shirts.  Alabama shirts are always the best.  Jeans are absolutely unacceptable except on Sundays when he doesn't get a choice.

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