Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Fun visitors

We have been lucky to have a few friends from Hendersonville come visit this summer.  It was so good to see our friends and show them Birmingham.  My friend Juliana and her sweet kids, Ellie and Sam came to stay with us one night while Josh was at camp.  We took them to the McWane Center and had so much fun.

laying on a bed of nails

Will got to milk a cow,,,

and change a tire!

Isabel spent more time playing with Sam

Everyone loves bubbles!

sweet friends in a monopoly car

A few days after they left the McMains family stopped by to see us on their way home from the beach.  Although I forgot to take any pictures we had a great time talking with them and watching Will and Samuel play together.  We have a lot of girl visitors at our house so Will was excited to have Samuel over for a few hours.

Then my good friend, Katrina, came with her two kids, Lincoln and Lillie.  Lincoln and Lillie are Isabel and Will's ages and were their best friends in Hendersonville.  We all had a great time being together again!!

July 4th 2015

I have always loved our July 4th celebrations in Hendersonville but we were excited about our first one in our new house in Alabama.  Although there was some rain to deal with, we still had a great day.  We had lots of family come over to our house, cooked out and then watched fireworks.  One of our neighbors buys a lot of fireworks and sets them off in the col de sac.  It was like our own private fireworks show.   Everyone loved it!

I think the kids loved the smoke bombs as much as the actual fireworks.

cousins and popsicles

Josh may have had a little too much fun handing out sparklers

this girls used to be pretty terrified of sparklers.  She's come a long way in the past few years.

this little man loves it all!

sweet cousins

Izzy and Addy

I love these two crazy kids!