Thursday, May 28, 2015

the end of baseball season...

Will's team made it to the tournament and even won their first game but the season ended when they lost their second game of the tournament to the one undefeated team.  They played great though and had a great time!  Will loved playing baseball and made some good friends on his team.  His coach told Josh and me that he would like to nominate Will for all-stars if we were ok with it.  However, it is a mandatory 6 day a week practice and games for 5 weeks and about $500.  We just decided that it would not be great for our family and that Will would probably hate baseball after such an intense experience at 6 years old.

Ready to go with his helmet on

He had some great hits!

How the sisters endured the many baseball games...

Will's coach handing him his trophy.  He had great things to say about his playing but also his character which made me so proud!


So proud of his trophy

This boy loves baseball and his daddy!

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