Sunday, May 31, 2015

last day of school 2015

After counting down for weeks, the last day of school finally arrived!  This year has seriously flown by!  Although it was such a great year, we were all ready to say goodbye to early morning alarms, making lunches, carpool, homework and rushing to bed so we could start all over again with those early mornings.

These two have handled a year FILLED with transition better than I ever thought they could.  I feel like all my prayers were answered.  They had great teachers, made sweet friends, and truly loved their school.  As excited as they were, Isabel got in the car that afternoon and immediately started crying.  She was so sad to leave her friends and of course, her teacher.  I hated to see her sad but I was thankful that it meant she had had such a good year.

My little man LOVED his first year of school!  My social extrovert loved being around his friends all day but he did find some time to learn too.  He is an amazing reader!  He quickly learned all his kindergarten words and then started working at a 1st grade level.  He learned his math skills quickly and his teacher told me that she could tell when he was getting bored so she had more challenging activities that he was allowed to go get at those times.  He had a little girl in his class with pretty severe special needs and I loved hearing him talk about her.  He was so proud of her when she did well and wanted to pray for her when she was having health trouble.  The highlight of his week was when he got to sit by her or play with her.  I pray that sensitive, loving part of him only grows as he gets older.  

My beautiful girl seems more grown up every day!  She now hates bows and begs to wear her hair completely down every day.  I tend to fight this more than I should just because it makes her look even older.  She takes showers now, washing her body and hair totally without help.  We spent part of the 2nd semester dealing with some boys in her grade who kept telling everyone that they had a crush on her and then staring at her anytime they were in the same place.  Fortunately she did not reciprocate and really just wanted the boys to leave her alone!  Once again, she did a great job academically, reading way above her grade level and picking up new concepts quickly.  Although there was the normal amount of girl drama on the playground, her teacher assured me that she was usually not the one causing the drama but often tried to keep the peace.  I love this girl so much and I'm so proud of who she is becoming.  

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