Sunday, May 3, 2015

Baseball update

Baseball season is wrapping up. It has been a fun season with plenty of excitement. Will's team has won a lot but lost a lot too. Honestly, the boys didn't seem to care that much when they lost.... as long as there were snacks at the end! 

Will got his first serious sports injury a few weeks ago. He was playing 1st base and leaning down to get a ball. It popped up and hit him right in the nose. I tried not to be the crazy concerned mom and rush the field until the coach grabbed his nose, picked him up and started running. By the time he got to the dugout, both the coach and Will were covered in blood. I was sure his nose was broken or all of his teeth knocked out but once we got the blood cleaned up he was ok. He headed back out to finish the game and made 3 more plays! He got the "brave ball" after that game! 

A few games later Will got the game ball for having 4 great hits, fielding well and always listening to his coach! We are so proud of our little man. 

There is still one more game but we went ahead and had their party this Saturday. The boys had a great time! 

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