Sunday, May 31, 2015

last day of school 2015

After counting down for weeks, the last day of school finally arrived!  This year has seriously flown by!  Although it was such a great year, we were all ready to say goodbye to early morning alarms, making lunches, carpool, homework and rushing to bed so we could start all over again with those early mornings.

These two have handled a year FILLED with transition better than I ever thought they could.  I feel like all my prayers were answered.  They had great teachers, made sweet friends, and truly loved their school.  As excited as they were, Isabel got in the car that afternoon and immediately started crying.  She was so sad to leave her friends and of course, her teacher.  I hated to see her sad but I was thankful that it meant she had had such a good year.

My little man LOVED his first year of school!  My social extrovert loved being around his friends all day but he did find some time to learn too.  He is an amazing reader!  He quickly learned all his kindergarten words and then started working at a 1st grade level.  He learned his math skills quickly and his teacher told me that she could tell when he was getting bored so she had more challenging activities that he was allowed to go get at those times.  He had a little girl in his class with pretty severe special needs and I loved hearing him talk about her.  He was so proud of her when she did well and wanted to pray for her when she was having health trouble.  The highlight of his week was when he got to sit by her or play with her.  I pray that sensitive, loving part of him only grows as he gets older.  

My beautiful girl seems more grown up every day!  She now hates bows and begs to wear her hair completely down every day.  I tend to fight this more than I should just because it makes her look even older.  She takes showers now, washing her body and hair totally without help.  We spent part of the 2nd semester dealing with some boys in her grade who kept telling everyone that they had a crush on her and then staring at her anytime they were in the same place.  Fortunately she did not reciprocate and really just wanted the boys to leave her alone!  Once again, she did a great job academically, reading way above her grade level and picking up new concepts quickly.  Although there was the normal amount of girl drama on the playground, her teacher assured me that she was usually not the one causing the drama but often tried to keep the peace.  I love this girl so much and I'm so proud of who she is becoming.  

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Mrs. Smith

Isabel had an amazing teacher this year!  I have no doubt that God placed Isabel in Mrs. Smith's class because He knew it would be the perfect match for her.  Isabel absolutely loved Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Smith absolutely loved Isabel!  I knew it would be a happy year for Isabel at my fall conference when she told me that she could look at Isabel's "big doe eyes" and know if she was upset about something.  She told me that she would do anything in the world to make it all alright for Isabel. And she did!  She challenged Isabel, praised her for doing well, and took the time to really care about all her students and do what was best for them.  Isabel will miss her so much next year but is excited that Mrs. Smith will still be her cheer leading coach!

bears, baseball, and toes...

A quick recap of the past few weeks from pictures from my phone:

The 2nd graders put on a "talking zoo" the week before school was out.  Each student picked an animal that they researched.  They wrote and memorized a speech about that animal and then dressed up as it.  At the talking zoo, parents and other students came around to hear their presentations.  Isabel was a grizzly bear and she did a great job.  She is definitely the cutest bear I've ever seen!

One of Isabel and Will's good friends had a super fun birthday party at the Alabama vs. Vanderbilt baseball game.  While the birthday boy, Yates, was getting to throw the first pitch I managed to take a picture of his biggest fans!

For Mother's Day, my mom and I decided to get pedicures together and bring Isabel with us for her first pedicure.  She. Loved. It!  I'm afraid we have created a pedicure monster!  She loved the massage chair and could not stop laughing because her feet are so ticklish.  She also picked neon green polish regardless of my suggestions of any other color!!

the end of baseball season...

Will's team made it to the tournament and even won their first game but the season ended when they lost their second game of the tournament to the one undefeated team.  They played great though and had a great time!  Will loved playing baseball and made some good friends on his team.  His coach told Josh and me that he would like to nominate Will for all-stars if we were ok with it.  However, it is a mandatory 6 day a week practice and games for 5 weeks and about $500.  We just decided that it would not be great for our family and that Will would probably hate baseball after such an intense experience at 6 years old.

Ready to go with his helmet on

He had some great hits!

How the sisters endured the many baseball games...

Will's coach handing him his trophy.  He had great things to say about his playing but also his character which made me so proud!


So proud of his trophy

This boy loves baseball and his daddy!

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Zoo field trip

Isabel and Will have loved going on field trips this year and I've loved going on some of them with them. Will got to go to children's theater multiple times, American village around Thanksgivings and then the farm this spring. Isabel went to American village around Christmas and then I went to the zoo with her a few weeks before school was out. 

We had perfect weather for the zoo and the kids had so much fun! 

The best part was watching the zoo keepers train and feed the lions and getting on the news who was there to film the lions!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Treasure hunters

Our church's VBS theme for this summer is treasure hunters and pirates. We had a VBS expo at the park one Saturday to let people in the community know and get the kids excited. There was a bounce house and pirate ship ride. Plus the kids went on a treasure hunt throughout the park playing games and getting candy at each stop. It was so much fun!

        Isabel and her treasure map

                Walking the plank

      Fighting a pirate to cross the bridge 

                       Sack races

              Cutest pirates ever!

Riding the pirate boat! Isabel did not want to ride more than once! 😄
           I love this crazy pirate kid!

Monday, May 11, 2015

Field day fun!

After rescheduling once because of bad weather, the kids had the best day for their field day at school. It was perfect weather, fun games and kona ice! What more could they need? I'm so glad I was able to be a part of the day!

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Baseball update

Baseball season is wrapping up. It has been a fun season with plenty of excitement. Will's team has won a lot but lost a lot too. Honestly, the boys didn't seem to care that much when they lost.... as long as there were snacks at the end! 

Will got his first serious sports injury a few weeks ago. He was playing 1st base and leaning down to get a ball. It popped up and hit him right in the nose. I tried not to be the crazy concerned mom and rush the field until the coach grabbed his nose, picked him up and started running. By the time he got to the dugout, both the coach and Will were covered in blood. I was sure his nose was broken or all of his teeth knocked out but once we got the blood cleaned up he was ok. He headed back out to finish the game and made 3 more plays! He got the "brave ball" after that game! 

A few games later Will got the game ball for having 4 great hits, fielding well and always listening to his coach! We are so proud of our little man. 

There is still one more game but we went ahead and had their party this Saturday. The boys had a great time!