Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Time for braces??

Since Isabel was 3, every dentist we have been too has warned me that braces will be in our near future. She has a small mouth and there wasn't enough space for her baby teeth. When those big permanent teeth started coming in, the problem obviously got worse. Add a crossbite to the spacing issues and it was time to see an orthodontist. She seems so you but 2 girls in her class have already had braces for months!

Last week we went for a consultation and the orthodontist agreed with all the other dentists had said. However he needed a little more information so he encouraged us to get impressions of Isabel's mouth. I knew immediately that this would not go well. Apparently thanks to the genes from Josh's side of the family, Isabel has the most sensitive gag reflex ever! No one likes those impressions and Isabel definitely agreed!  She did so great though. The orthodontist took so much time to give Isabel some tips to make it better and they were all so patient with her! Now we go back soon to get the verdict of what needs to be done! 

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