Friday, January 16, 2015

bye bye baby teeth

Last week Will lost one of his top front teeth.  As much as I wanted to share in his excitement, I was actually a little devastated.  I learned from Isabel that once those top teeth are gone, their sweet baby faces suddenly look very different and way older.  I was not ready for my baby to have a "big kid smile."  His top tooth had actually been loose for a while but I had basically forbidden him to wiggle it (and told Josh that he was absolutely not allowed to pull it!)  Maybe not my most rational parenting but I just wanted that baby tooth smile as long as possible.  Isabel didn't lose her top teeth until the summer before 1st grade so I thought I had a while!

Then one day after school he jumped in the van with a huge snaggle-tooth smile and a plastic tooth hanging around his neck.  He was beaming while Isabel screamed "Will lost his tooth" over and over.  As much as I wanted to cry, I had to smile.  He was beyond excited!  In case you didn't know, losing a tooth at school and getting to wear it around your neck all day in a tooth necklace is a pretty huge deal!  Apparently the tooth was so loose that it actually just fell out of his mouth.  It didn't even bleed at all!  I guess he kept it in as long as possible just for me. Time for me to face the fact that my baby boy is growing up.

To make things worse, I am taking Isabel to the orthodontist next week for a consultation about braces!!  I swear these kids were just cutting their baby teeth a few months ago!

Isabel's first day of 1st grade with her snaggle-tooth smile!

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