Friday, January 30, 2015

Square dancing

One thing Isabel had to get used to in Alabama schools is having PE every day. She was not excited about that at first but thanks to 2 awesome PE teachers, she really likes it most days. 

She was beyond excited when they started learning square dancing for a few weeks. That is definitely her kind of PE. After weeks of practice, the kids dressed up in their best western wear and did a small program for the parents to show off all they learned. It was so cute!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Time for braces??

Since Isabel was 3, every dentist we have been too has warned me that braces will be in our near future. She has a small mouth and there wasn't enough space for her baby teeth. When those big permanent teeth started coming in, the problem obviously got worse. Add a crossbite to the spacing issues and it was time to see an orthodontist. She seems so you but 2 girls in her class have already had braces for months!

Last week we went for a consultation and the orthodontist agreed with all the other dentists had said. However he needed a little more information so he encouraged us to get impressions of Isabel's mouth. I knew immediately that this would not go well. Apparently thanks to the genes from Josh's side of the family, Isabel has the most sensitive gag reflex ever! No one likes those impressions and Isabel definitely agreed!  She did so great though. The orthodontist took so much time to give Isabel some tips to make it better and they were all so patient with her! Now we go back soon to get the verdict of what needs to be done! 

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Spring day in January

Monday was Martin Luther King day so the kids had the day off of school.  It also happened to be a perfectly sunny day with the high in the upper 60s.  Not usual for January but it was a nice break from the cold grey weather we had been having.  We had lunch with friends at Chick-fil-a and then enjoyed a few hours at the zoo.  It was a great day!  I love days when there is no school!

                   Love these kids!

Being flamingos 

sweet, beautiful girls who look way too old in this picture!

the giraffes put on a show for us this time

Friday, January 16, 2015

bye bye baby teeth

Last week Will lost one of his top front teeth.  As much as I wanted to share in his excitement, I was actually a little devastated.  I learned from Isabel that once those top teeth are gone, their sweet baby faces suddenly look very different and way older.  I was not ready for my baby to have a "big kid smile."  His top tooth had actually been loose for a while but I had basically forbidden him to wiggle it (and told Josh that he was absolutely not allowed to pull it!)  Maybe not my most rational parenting but I just wanted that baby tooth smile as long as possible.  Isabel didn't lose her top teeth until the summer before 1st grade so I thought I had a while!

Then one day after school he jumped in the van with a huge snaggle-tooth smile and a plastic tooth hanging around his neck.  He was beaming while Isabel screamed "Will lost his tooth" over and over.  As much as I wanted to cry, I had to smile.  He was beyond excited!  In case you didn't know, losing a tooth at school and getting to wear it around your neck all day in a tooth necklace is a pretty huge deal!  Apparently the tooth was so loose that it actually just fell out of his mouth.  It didn't even bleed at all!  I guess he kept it in as long as possible just for me. Time for me to face the fact that my baby boy is growing up.

To make things worse, I am taking Isabel to the orthodontist next week for a consultation about braces!!  I swear these kids were just cutting their baby teeth a few months ago!

Isabel's first day of 1st grade with her snaggle-tooth smile!

Monday, January 12, 2015


Last Wednesday night Josh took the students to a trampoline park.  Of course Isabel and Will had to go too.  Everyone had so much fun!!

Will's favorite thing was to jump in the foam pit over and over and over...

Climbing out of the foam pit was not easy.  Luckily there were plenty of teenagers around to help.

Isabel liked the foam pit too but spent a lot more time jumping and doing cartwheels on a trampoline.

there may have been some falling involved too! :)

ready for another jump!

I'm not sure what this fancy jump is called

Can you tell she had fun?

Jumping off the wall


They had so much fun jumping and getting to know more students.  They also slept really well that night.  Good thing we had a delayed start to school the next day because of the cold!!