Friday, December 26, 2014

Merry Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is always one of my favorite nights.  I absolutely Love Christmas Eve candlelight services at church.  Although we were at a new church this year, the candlelight service tradition continued and it was nice to see so many people that have become so special to us in a short period of time.  I love spending the night before Christmas focusing on what we are truly celebrating.  We have a Savior!  For the past 2 years, my favorite Christmas song has been We Have a Savior by Hillsong and my favorite line is "We are no longer lost 'cause He has come down for us!"  Definitely something to celebrate!
Ready to meet daddy at church
(This is the 3rd year Isabel has worn this dress on Christmas Eve! She loves it!)

These two make Christmas extra special

Isabel and Will love their Grams so much!

cuties posing by the tree at church

After church we had a yummy dinner and then opened one gift each.  At the beginning of December, Isabel and Will were able to shop for Josh and me and each other.  It has been so difficult for them to keep their gifts a secret so they were so excited to finally give their gifts.  First they gave each other their gifts.

Will gave Isabel a beautiful ring that she loves.

Isabel gave Will a crazy lovey that he loves. (Josh and I checked on Will that night and found him sleeping with the lovey attached around his neck! We quickly made a new rule that no one can sleep with something tied around their neck!!)

I didn't get a picture but one of my favorite moments of Christmas Eve was when Isabel first gave Josh his gift from her to open.  After waiting almost a month, she just couldn't wait a minute longer.  As he was opening it she yelled, "It's an ornament!!!"  As we laughed she gave away even more yelling "It says Dad on it!!"  It was hilarious and of course Josh loved it.
Will picked out a perfect Alabama football ornament for me that I love too!

Before bed we had to throw out magic reindeer food in the front yard,

and then set out cookies for Santa.
(side note: usually we leave the traditional Knierim Christmas cookies but since we hadn't made them yet we had to settle for plain chocolate chip. Of course Josh had to kid with the kids and told them Santa probably wouldn't bring as good of gifts since we weren't leaving the good cookies! ha ha!)

Then it was off to bed to dream of Christmas morning surprises.  For two kids that were sure they wouldn't be able to fall asleep, they were both asleep in minutes! I guess Christmas Eve was pretty exhausting for everyone!

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