Tuesday, December 30, 2014

It's Christmas!

Christmas Day was such a great day this year.  I'll be honest, my expectations were not high for Christmas this year.  We are not settled in a new home like I wanted to be.  Most of our Christmas decorations are still packed away in the attic in another state.  I gave up on the idea of getting Christmas cards out and a bunch of other things that shouldn't really matter but at first they did.  Then I realized that not worrying about all of the things I thought were important about Christmas actually left more time for me to focus on what was really important and simply enjoy the season.  The kids and I sang songs about baby Jesus coming to save the world (and a few about reindeer and snowmen too) :)  I enjoyed shopping for gifts.  Because I knew this Christmas would be completely different from the last few years, I didn't even try to compare.  I just enjoyed the new traditions and enjoyed the day and it was great!

We started Christmas Day pretty early with two crazy excited kids!  Isabel was very specific about wanting a fairy cottage this year but Will kept changing his mind.  I don't think there was anything he really really wanted so he was super excited with what Santa surprised him with.

the calm before the crazies attacked

Ready to see what Santa left for them (love that bed head!)

So excited about her Fairy Cottage

Dash the elf even left them a note and Christmas tree cakes

He drove his remote controlled car everywhere!!

After a yummy breakfast and quick showers for Josh and me, it was time to open more presents!!

Will bought Josh a "world's best dad" trophy for his office

Isabel picked out this beautiful necklace for me

New shoes!! (he now wears the same size as Isabel!!)

Isabel graduated from the Jesus Storybook Bible and got her first "big girl" bible.  I love how much she loves it!

more fairies for the fairy cottage

Isabel got a new scarf from Grams.  She loves it and has worn it many days in many ways.

This kid loves board games (mainly because it means he doesn't have to play by himself!)

Family Christmas picture 2014

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