Saturday, November 1, 2014

Trunk or Treat 2014

Halloween started a little early this year because our church did a Trunk or Treat for the children and preschoolers.  The students (and their parents) decorated most of the trunks and organized the games. They did a great job and the kids had a great time.  We are slowly getting to know this new group of teenagers and are constantly impressed by them and our new church.  As frustrated as we are that our house has not sold, I am so thankful that God brought us to Birmingham and to Valleydale Church.

Leonardo and the honey bee are ready to go!

sweet honey bee (who has a wand because at one point she was a honey bee fairy but then that changed but she kept the wand....or something like that)

Apparently this is the official teenage mutant ninja turtle pose

Preschool (kindergarten is still included in preschool) went trick-or-treating first and then the 1st-5th grades came out after so I got to go with each kid separately. It was so fun!
Will loved the superhero trunk!

Will and his buddy, Logan

Of course he had to get his picture taken at the TMNT trunk!

Isabel loved the 50s car because they gave her a lot of bubble gum!

Isabel and her sweet friend, Mia

I love my sweet girl and she loves candy!!

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