Saturday, November 1, 2014

pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins

We ended up with a ton of pumpkins this year so of course the kids (ok Josh) felt like we needed to carve each one.  There was never enough time to sit and carve all at once so we ended up carving them at different times.  Apparently we are way too busy these days.  As usual, Isabel and Will spent more time playing with the seeds while Josh actually cleaned out the pumpkin and then carved them and I took pictures and supervised!

Will actually helped clean out the pumpkin a little this year

 This is the face Isabel made every time she got a little of the "pumpkin slime" on her.  She must have washed her hand off a million times!

Time to carve another (aka play with the seeds)

she's crazy and no one believes those seeds will ever get near her mouth! :)

the only completed pumpkin I took a picture of,,,oops sorry Josh!

Playing with chalk while daddy works hard carving the pumpkin

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