Sunday, November 2, 2014

Halloween 2014

We had a great Halloween this year! It was a little cold and windy but nothing too terrible so we enjoyed being outside. We met Matt, Lauren and their 3 girls at Nana's house to do some trick-or-treating.  The cousins had a lot of fun being together as always.  Isabel LOVES being the oldest cousin and "taking care" of the younger ones and Will handles being the only boy really well!  

Leonardo is the coolest!


I love these two!

Isabel spent most of the night holding their hands and she loved it!

"Trick or Treat!"

He's so tough!

He's all boy but so sweet too!

Isabel and Addy saying "cheese"

Why does this beautiful girl look like a teenager in this picture?

Gotta sort that candy!

I think Isabel loved passing out candy almost as much as getting her own.

"Can I just eat one more piece?"

Poor Will always has to take out all of the peanut candy.  We've been to the allergist recently and his numbers are low so we will do a food challenge soon.  Maybe next year he can eat this candy too!

Nana and her grandkids

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