Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Proud of my little man

It seems like every day something happens that reminds me that Will is growing up way too fast.  I am so proud of my little guy!  I had a conference with his teacher yesterday and she had so many good things to say about Will.  First of all, Josh and I are obviously proud of how well he is doing academically.  Like his sister, Will loves to school and loves to learn.  I'm so thankful that God has given both of my children the ability to learn quickly.  Will's teacher told me that he knows all of his letters and sounds and is reading on an advanced letter.  (If only I could get him to make all of his letters and numbers face the right direction!!)  He is catching on quickly to math concepts and loves trying to sound out and spell words and sentences on his own.  He is a smart little guy and is working hard.

As proud as we are about his academic success, we are even more proud of the way his teacher complimented his character.  Although he can still be easily frustrated or angry at home and still has a tantrum from time to time when told no, he is apparently saving all of this for us.  His teacher said that he is a great kid at school and that she depends on him to be a great leader in their classroom.  She even specified that he is a "good leader" and not just bossy.  Ha ha!  She said that Will is nice to his friends and well-liked by all of his classmates.  My eyes may have filled with tears when she told me  how sweet Will is to a little girl in their class with some special needs.  Will talks to us about her all of the time.  He worries about her when she isn't doing well and is so proud of her accomplishments.  His teacher explained that Will and many other kids in his class are very protective of her and so great with her.  I pray his kindness and acceptance of others different from himself continues for the rest of his life!

My little man is growing up and although it is hard on mama, I'm so proud of him.

Plus he had to go and lose his second tooth last night!!  Slow down time!

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