Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Loving the Weather!

I. Love, This, Weather.  It has felt amazing here for weeks and we are loving it.  We spend so much more time outside right now and we are all thankful for that!  One day I was playing with my camera while the kids were playing.  I have been looking at old pictures of my kids recently and realized how thankful I am for each picture I have of those sweet faces.  I am definitely no photographer but will take advantage of any chance I get to take their picture.  They are growing up too fast and their sweet baby faces are almost completely gone!

 This girl is always up for a photo shoot.  Her personality shines through in these pictures.

someday soon those teeth will be covered with braces but for now I'll enjoy that snaggle-tooth smile

  trying to look so sweet and innocent!

My beautiful brown-eyed girl

Will, as usual, was way too busy working to take a picture!

Luckily he had a take a water break and was willing to smile for a quick picture

before he was back to doing what is really important! :)

I love that sweet smile!

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