Monday, October 6, 2014

Fall Fun!

This weekend it FINALLY felt like Fall so of course that meant it was time to head to a pumpkin patch.  I'll admit that at first I was a little sad that we couldn't go to the pumpkin patches in Hendersonville that we have been going to for the past few years but there are plenty of great places to go in Birmingham so I got over it pretty quickly.

Before going to the farm on Saturday, we got to meet some friends from Hendersonville for lunch who were driving through Birmingham on the way to the beach.  It was so good to see friends, catch up on what is going on with everyone and let the kids play together.  I'm so thankful we moved in between Hendersonville and the beach!!

After lunch we picked up Nana and headed to Old Baker's Farm.  We had a great afternoon!  There was a corn maze, tons of animals, haystacks to climb, cotton to play in, a hayride and of course pumpkins!

Gotta have the corn maze picture

my kids were amazed that there was actually corn growing in the corn maze! :)

corn maze family photo

This place will be selling Christmas trees very soon! 

Will already picked out the tree he wants.  ha!!

My sweet girl is growing up so fast

I love this handsome little man!

climbing fun!

a miracle that I got him to stop for a second to pose for a picture

There was a huge cage full of cotton that the kids played in for so long.  It was like playing in snow!

Hayride to the pumpkin patch

Will had to find one that was just the right size for him

Isabel wanted a flat one!

I absolutely love these fun days with my family!  The perfect fall weather just made it that much better!

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