Thursday, October 23, 2014

Fall Fun Fest

Last Saturday the kids' school had their Fall Fun Fest.  Isabel and Will had been counting down the days until this event for weeks!!  Isabel was mainly excited about the fact that her cheer leading squad was going to get to perform.  Will saw a picture of a dunking booth on the advertisement a month in advance and thought it was the greatest thing ever. He talked about it constantly and could not wait to try it out.  Have I told you lately how completely opposite my children are most of the time?

We couldn't have asked for better weather for the festival.  It was the perfect day with SO MANY things for the kids to play, make and enjoy...

 Unfortunately my camera decided to stop working right as Isabel and her team did their cheers.  I was so sad but she did an amazing job!!

Isabel and her sweet friend, Katie, who is also in her class at school.  
I was so thankful as I watched both Isabel and Will run around and play with their school friends. It seemed like there was always some kid running up to them calling their name. They have both handled the move so well and have already made some great friends. God is good!

We LOVE Mrs. Smith, Isabel's teacher and cheer leading coach

Love this little man (who insisted on wearing his OMES shirt!)

Love my sweet cheer leading girl

Will found one huge inflatable with different types of sport activities on each side.  He could have played at this one thing all day and would have been completely happy! At this batting one, he hit the ball into the smallest hole in the inflatable.  I think he loved that the high school kids helping out were impressed.

Of course he had to play basketball for a while too.  As I was warning him that the goals seemed really high and he may not be able to make a basket, the ball went in.  What do I know?

quick family photo

After talking about the dunking booth for weeks, Will finally got his chance.  He dunked the guy with the first ball he threw!! It was hilarious because Will immediately looked at us with a look of excitement, shock and a little bit of worry that he did something wrong by making the guy fall in the water.

just a little bit excited!

 Isabel almost dunked the guy too! I think she hit the right spot but just not quite hard enough

The Fall Fun Fest had tons of craft stations set up, cake walks, balloon animals, tons of inflatables, a hay ride, tons of games, Chick-fil-A and so much more.  It was pretty impressive and the kids loved every bit of it.  I'm so thankful for this school and for fun family days!

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