Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Quick Trip

When we left Hendersonville almost 2 months ago, I never imagined that we would still be trying to sell our house and still living with my mom at this point.  Because of that (and the fact that we were trying to get to Birmingham as quickly as possible so we would have time to get the kids registered for school) we basically packed up what we thought we would need for a month or so and then left for Birmingham.  At the end of July in the South, that means there was no thought to bringing jackets, pants or any type of fall clothes.  As we kept getting closer to Fall weather and no offers on the house, Josh and I realized that we were going to have to make a quick trip to Hendersonville to pack some more clothes.

We considered going without the kids but they really wanted to go and see their friends too.  So Friday afternoon we checked the kids out of school a little early and drove to Hendersonville.  We were only there about 24 hours but it was a really good trip.  Of course we didn't get a chance to see everyone we wanted to but we did get a chance to see some friends and pack up some things that we needed.

Friday night we got to surprise Isabel and Will's best friends.  Their parents didn't tell them we were coming and Isabel and Will thought it was the greatest thing ever.  We showed up at their house Friday night and Isabel's friend, Lillie, answered the door.  It was so fun to see their sweet reactions.

waiting on their friends to answer the door

such excitement!!

sweet girls that have missed each other so much!

They quickly started playing as if no time had passed since they had seen each other.

We enjoyed such a great night with great friends catching up, watching the kids play, eating and making s'mores!

That night the kids had a little hard time just realizing that they would have to leave their friends and rooms all over again the next day.  At first Josh and I worried we had made a mistake by bringing them but like always, our kids are amazing and handled it all so well.

Saturday we slept in a little (Isabel enjoyed sleeping late without her brother in her room waking her up early) and then let the kids play while Josh did yard work and I packed up fall and winter clothes.  We had lunch with friends, ran a few errands, got a few things from the storage unit and then headed back to Birmingham.  It was a quick trip but fun.  I'm praying that we make another trip soon because our house has sold and we need to pack up the house and move it to our new house in Birmingham!!

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