Wednesday, September 10, 2014

life in Birmingham

It is so hard to believe that we have already lived in Birmingham for over a month!  Some days it seems like we have been here a week and other days it seems like we have lived here for 6 months.  We are definitely getting adjusted to life in Birmingham.  Josh loves his job and we all love our new church.  The kids are loving their new school and I'm so proud of how well both of them have handled all of the transitions.  Really the only difficult part of the move is the fact that we still have not sold our house in Tennessee.  I'm trying really hard to be patient and remind myself regularly how much worse it could be.  My mom has so graciously given over most of her house to our crazy family and we are enjoying being close to her and the rest of our family here in Birmingham.

This month has mostly been filled with school but we have managed to have some fun too.

I love watching them run to the car every afternoon with big smiles on their faces!

Isabel doesn't mind homework too much so far.  Her teacher is amazing and she loves Isabel as much as Isabel loves her!

I got to eat lunch with my little man the other day.  Unlike his sister, he loves buying lunch at school (as long as it is pizza or some type of chicken!) :)

Both kids LOVE their new church as well and I'm so thankful. They have lots of new friends there and enjoy all the activities.  They are both learning so much and memorizing so much scripture.  I'm so thankful that God gave Josh a job at a church that is perfect for our entire family.

Even though school has started, it definitely still feels like summer outside! The kids love playing with the hose at my mom's house

my sweet girl!

Will still loves playing disc golf with daddy

my cute little man photo-bombed by daddy

silly boy

Isabel and Will are sharing a room right now and they actually really love it.  However, there is not a lot of room for all of their toys.  As you can tell, Isabel's barbie/polly pocket world has pretty much taken over their room

Will is such a great reader these days.  We are so proud of him!

One Saturday Josh had to go to Samford for a church fair so the kids and I went to and enjoyed walking around Samford's campus and eating in the food court.  I love that my kids love a place that is so special to Josh and me.

Of course we have been to a couple of high school football games.  We had fun but are more than ready for the cool, fall, "football weather"
Beautiful sunset at a football game one night

Isabel has started cheerleading at her school (which she LOVES) which means Will and I get to play at a park next to the school once a week during her practice.  

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