Saturday, August 2, 2014

Packing up and saying goodbye

An update from iPhone pictures because who can find the real camera right now?

The past few weeks have easily been some of the most stressful weeks of my life.  You would think that moving from the city you have lived for 28 years with a 20 month old while 8 months pregnant would be way more difficult than any other type of move.  Well, not necessarily.  This move is different/harder than our first move for a couple of reasons.

1.  We have to sell a house.  Last time we had been renting so we just had to pack up and go.  So. Stinking. Easy.  This time we had to get our house ready to sell by packing up the extra junk (that is everywhere when you have kids), fix the million little things that we have been ignoring, clean ridiculously well and then try to actually keep in clean.  To make matters worse we missed the time 2 months ago when houses were selling in a day or two. Even though it has not sold, we had to get to Birmingham anyway for work and school.  So while we wait (and PRAY) for it to sell, we are staying at my mom's house and hoping we don't drive her completely crazy!

2. Our kids start school in a week.  Wait, even better Will starts Kindergarten in a week.  That's a big deal.  It turns out there are lots of crazy zoning rules these schools have.  They will not let you start school in a zone just because you are planning to move into it. Even though we promised!  We do have a contract on a house (woo hoo!) but since our house in Tennessee has not sold, we will not close in 30 days which means problems again with the schools.  After lots of talking to school officials, getting paperwork from mortgage people and basically just praying for a miracle, I was able to get both kids registered!

3. Saying goodbye after 6 years is hard and there were lots of goodbyes!

Our small group had a "send off" party for us before we left.  It was the best night but so hard because it reminded us how many people we love in Hendersonville that we had to leave behind.  I may have spent 90% of my night holding a newborn.  2 of my friends just had babies and I could not get enough of them.  Thank goodness for social media so I can watch these babies grow up!

Almost every Monday night for the past 2 years we have had dinner with one of our favorite families.  We basically got to know each other years ago when we were both at Chick-fil-A every Monday for family night.  Then our girls started school together, our boys became good friends and we spent a ton of time together.  At some point our kids graduated to having a kids table and the adults were able to have a real conversation (well as much as you can with a kids table nearby).  Our Monday nights in Birmingham just won't be the same.  We will all miss this family terribly!

The students at BBC had a going away party for us as well.  You can tell by the cakes they got that they know us well.  

These students have been so special to us and it was a bittersweet night.  Each year at the end of camp Josh passes out "awards" to each student based on some type of inside joke from the week.  The kids love their awards and look forward to them each year.  Well, this night they turned the tables and gave Josh awards!  So creative and hilarious!!  These kids have loved having Josh as their youth minister.

We were also given some awesome gifts from students, their families and other members of our church.

Our last Sunday, our church had a reception for us.  It was so great to get a chance to get to say goodbye to so many friends.  Of course they decorated appropriately!

Saying goodbye was tough but we are officially in Alabama and ready for a new adventure!!

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