Friday, July 18, 2014

Sleepover fun!

Isabel and her best friend, Lillie, were determined to have a sleepover before we moved. Originally the plan was for the girls to stay at our house but since our house is on the market and needs to look perfect at all times it made sense for them to stay at Lillie's house. We know their family really well so Josh and I felt good about letting her go. 

I'll admit that I was not 100% sure that Isabel would stay all night. I was ready for a phone call to come pick her up but of course I was wrong. The had a great time. They stayed up giggling until 11pm when they finally fell asleep in the same twin sized bed!

We thought they would sleep late the next morning but wrong again. They were up and dressed and ready to go a little after 7am. 

Isabel could not stop talking about how much fun she had until I made her "rest" later that afternoon. She was asleep seconds after laying down. She then went to sleep early that night and slept until 9am. 

I think her first sleep over was definitely a success. My baby girl is growing up!!

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