Wednesday, July 16, 2014

New Adventures...

The past few weeks have been pretty bittersweet for our family.  Josh has accepted a job as the student pastor of Valleydale Church in Birmingham.  We are so excited about this job, this church and being close to family in Birmingham again. Josh and I have prayed over this decision and know that God has given us this amazing opportunity and we want to follow His will for our lives.  However, saying goodbye to our friends family in Hendersonville is harder than I ever imagined.

We moved to Hendersonville almost 6 years ago.  Isabel was 20 months old...

                      and I was 33 weeks pregnant with Will!

The people at our new church immediately took us in and loved us.  People that didn't even know us threw me a baby shower and brought us meals for weeks after Will was born.  As hard as it was to live hours away from our family, God continued to bring people into our lives to encourage us, help us, do life with us and be our family here in Hendersonville.  He provided us with family friends and a small group for both Josh and me that impacted our lives in more ways than we ever could explain. We had the privilege of being a part of the lives of so many incredible teenagers and watched them grow and mature.  My babies grew up in this town. They went to school for the first time, danced, played sports, and made sweet friends.  At Bluegrass Baptist Church they were spoiled loved on, taught about God, learned to love Jesus and learned to love church.  I will always be thankful that God brought us to this city and for the years we were allowed to serve in this church.

And now I am thankful for the opportunity to go "home" and serve in another amazing church.  I am excited about the new families we will meet and the new teenagers we get to invest in.  I'm excited about getting to see God use Josh in the lives of these new students.  I'm thankful that we will be close to family and friends in Birmingham again.  I am ridiculously thankful for social media so we can stay connected to our friends in Hendersonville.  More than anything, I'm thankful that I serve a God that loves me and my family more than I can imagine.  I'm thankful that He has an amazing plan for our lives and that I can simply trust him and follow his direction.  I'm thankful for the peace that comes from following God even while your heart is hurting because saying goodbye is never easy.

Please pray for our family during this transition.  Pray our house sells quickly and that we find a house in Birmingham that we love.  Pray we can get settled before BOTH of my babies start school.  Pray for us as we say goodbye to those we love and pray new friendships are formed quickly. Isabel and Will are super excited about moving close to grandparents but having a hard time saying goodbye to their friends.  Pray for Josh's new ministry at Valleydale and that God will provide a new person to invest in the students at BBC.  Pray we will continue to seek God's wisdom and direction in all we do.

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