Monday, July 7, 2014

Happy July 4th

After an exhausting July 3rd, we relaxed a little on July 4th and then headed to a BBQ at our good friends' house.  It was the perfect evening of great food, amazing fireworks and some of our best friends.  Thankful for our freedoms, my family and good friends!

The boys played a million games of soccer.  It's hard to wait for it to get dark!

Such sweet friends

such crazy girls!!

love my beautiful girl

She spends a lot of time upside down these days

Couldn't be any cuter....

but they are trouble!!!

the dads were involved in a pretty serious soccer game against the little boys

Apparently running through the smoke bombs is so much fun!

We tried to get a group picture.......

They may have down about 50 sparklers each this year!

I love this picture of these girls being silly with their glow bracelets 

Like I said, they did a lot of fireworks

Sweet boys sharing a seat watching the amazing fireworks show the neighbors put on

**Funny Story: On the way to our friends' house, the song "I'm Proud to be an American" came on and I told the kids to listen.  They both listen for a minute and then Isabel says, "Minnesota? What's a Minnesota?"  Oh gosh. After explaining it was a state we listened some more.  After the line "the men who died to give this right to me.." Isabel says, "what? died? Who died??"  Will looks at her like she is crazy and says, "Jesus! Jesus died!"  So maybe we are not doing so well on teaching patriotism but at least they know Jesus died for them (and America too??)

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