Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Beech Bend

At the beginning of June, Josh took the youth group to an amusement park/water park about an hour from our house. I decided to take the kids and go along. The weather did not look promising when we left but it ended up being great. There was no rain and it wasn't very hot. That was perfect for the rides but it made the water pretty cold!

Will loved the rides a lot more than his sister!  Luckily their friend, Samuel, was there too and Will loved being able to ride rides with him.  Apparently that is way cooler than riding with mommy and daddy!

Isabel did like any ride that wasn't too fast or too high

I convinced her to go on the tea cups with me.  At first she was not so sure but ended up loving them!

Riding with daddy!

Another quick ride on the tea cups after deciding the water was just too cold for water rides!

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