Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Take me out to the ballgame...

Baseball season #2 has begun!  Now that soccer season is over, it is all about baseball in our house.  Will has been so excited.  His team is the Bulls and his best bud, Lincoln, is on the same team again this year.  Lincoln's dad is the coach and Josh is the assistant coach this year.  Like last year, half the team bats each inning so there are no real outs and no real runs.  However, this year is considered coach pitch/t'ball.  Basically that means that the coach pitches the ball three times.  If the kid doesn't hit it, they bring the tee out.  So far, Will has done well hitting the ball that is pitched to him.

His first game was the past Saturday.  Unfortunately Josh had a work retreat so he missed all but the last few minutes.  Grams and Nana were both in town though so they came along to cheer him on.  It was crazy hot but Will loved every second of it.

He got a new bigger bat this year that he is super excited about

Cutest baseball player ever!

He played pitcher and catcher in the first game which meant he had to wear a helmet and chest pad the entire game.  He loved being a part of almost every play but he was so sweaty when the game was over!!

He is getting a lot better at being able to catch a ball in the air with his glove this year.

Will loves playing pitcher because at this age most balls are hit to that area.  He quickly stopped every ball that came to him and threw to 1st base (whether the 1st baseball was ready to catch the ball or not!)

He had 2 great hits.  He hit one ball the coach pitched to him and another great hit off of the tee.  Then he got to run all the bases which is his favorite part!

Running into home!

I love this stinky, sweaty boy! :)

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