Thursday, June 5, 2014

Starting summer right

We started our summer off right.  Josh took the last week of May off so we could have some fun time as a family before all of the summer craziness began.  We decided to take a trip to Birmingham and filled each day with fun.  I haven't seen my children this exhausted in a long time so we must have done something right!

We started our busy Memorial Day playing outside. Our neighborhood is hilly and does not have sidewalks so my kids don't get to ride their bikes very much.  I want them to learn to ride better and really enjoy it though so we decided to bring their bikes to Birmingham.  My mom's neighborhood is perfect and the kids had fun riding around outside!

After everyone was good and hot from bike riding, we turned on the sprinkler.  Ansley didn't have her bathing suit with her but it didn't stop her from getting wet!

This picture makes me laugh every time!

Maybe we should have rested a little more before the Baron's baseball game that night.  Luckily Will had a nice little nap on our way there and then he was ready to go!

Will has just started his second season of playing baseball.  He loves it and was super excited to see such a huge field and "real" baseball players!

Grams and Nana (taking the picture) came with us!


Will and his daddy

After both teams batted Isabel thought it was about time to go.  She was horrified when my mom explained that they each batted NINE times!  She made it through about 4 innings and then was begging for a phone to play.  I just don't think baseball is her favorite!

The next morning we headed to the Birmingham zoo

We all enjoyed watching the elephants spray themselves with mud!

Isabel loves to be the "big cousin" and take care of Avery and Ansley

Cousin fun!

my monkey

Apparently a late night at a baseball game and then a long morning at the zoo is fun but exhausting!!

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