Monday, June 2, 2014

School's out for summer

Isabel and I were super ready for school to be out for summer but Will wasn't so sure.  He has had the greatest teacher and class this year.  He is ready for Kindergarten!

Will's last day of school (with his new summer haircut)

1st and last day of 4K

Because Will's school was over a little before Isabel's, he got to come to her field day.  Honestly, I think he may have loved it more than she did!

I may have gotten a little teary when I realized it was Will's last day to be in the carpool line with me.  I'll be picking up my little man with his sister next year!
1st day of carpool 2012 and last day of carpool 2014

Isabel likes school but she was 100% ready to be done this year.  The saddest moment was the night before when I said, "Isabel are you so excited?  No more homework or getting up early for 2 months!"  She had a horrified look on her face and said," 2 MONTHS? That's all? I thought we were out for a year!!"  Poor kid!
This was her last day of school wearing the tie-dyed shirt they made in art class 

Now we are ready for a super fun summer (full of denial about what happens in August!)

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