Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Take me out to the ballgame...

Baseball season #2 has begun!  Now that soccer season is over, it is all about baseball in our house.  Will has been so excited.  His team is the Bulls and his best bud, Lincoln, is on the same team again this year.  Lincoln's dad is the coach and Josh is the assistant coach this year.  Like last year, half the team bats each inning so there are no real outs and no real runs.  However, this year is considered coach pitch/t'ball.  Basically that means that the coach pitches the ball three times.  If the kid doesn't hit it, they bring the tee out.  So far, Will has done well hitting the ball that is pitched to him.

His first game was the past Saturday.  Unfortunately Josh had a work retreat so he missed all but the last few minutes.  Grams and Nana were both in town though so they came along to cheer him on.  It was crazy hot but Will loved every second of it.

He got a new bigger bat this year that he is super excited about

Cutest baseball player ever!

He played pitcher and catcher in the first game which meant he had to wear a helmet and chest pad the entire game.  He loved being a part of almost every play but he was so sweaty when the game was over!!

He is getting a lot better at being able to catch a ball in the air with his glove this year.

Will loves playing pitcher because at this age most balls are hit to that area.  He quickly stopped every ball that came to him and threw to 1st base (whether the 1st baseball was ready to catch the ball or not!)

He had 2 great hits.  He hit one ball the coach pitched to him and another great hit off of the tee.  Then he got to run all the bases which is his favorite part!

Running into home!

I love this stinky, sweaty boy! :)

Friday, June 6, 2014


I have not been good recently about writing down the funny things my kids say so I'm going to try to be better.

**The other day we were driving in the car and Josh and I were having a conversation (Not about Africa or Spanish or anything even remotely related)
Will: So does all of Africa speak Spanish?
Josh and I: no, they don't speak Spanish there
Will: Well where do they speak Spanish
Me: In Spain....
Josh: and parts of South America....
Isabel: and New Jersey!
WHAT?  Josh and I could not stop laughing. This type of random question is a constant in our house. Plus Isabel is a smart kid but she may have some trouble in geography. :)

**Will has been reading to us more and more recently.  He loves it and we are proud of him.  There are times when it can be a little humerus though. The best is ANY time he comes to the word "but" while reading.  In our house I encourage the kids to say "bottom" and not say "butt" so Will thinks that he is reading a bad word.  Yes, I've tried to explain the difference in "but" and "butt" but it hasn't helped.  EVERY time he comes to that word he just starts laughing uncontrollably and either cannot say it or says it as loud as possible and then laughs so hard he can't finish the sentence.  I'm sure it doesn't help that it makes me laugh really hard too!  I'm not sure how this will go over next year when he is reading for his kindergarten teacher.

**Isabel very rarely mixes up words now (which may make me a little sad) so when she does it is especially entertaining :)  The other day she told us that she needed to "rememorize" her bible verse!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Starting summer right

We started our summer off right.  Josh took the last week of May off so we could have some fun time as a family before all of the summer craziness began.  We decided to take a trip to Birmingham and filled each day with fun.  I haven't seen my children this exhausted in a long time so we must have done something right!

We started our busy Memorial Day playing outside. Our neighborhood is hilly and does not have sidewalks so my kids don't get to ride their bikes very much.  I want them to learn to ride better and really enjoy it though so we decided to bring their bikes to Birmingham.  My mom's neighborhood is perfect and the kids had fun riding around outside!

After everyone was good and hot from bike riding, we turned on the sprinkler.  Ansley didn't have her bathing suit with her but it didn't stop her from getting wet!

This picture makes me laugh every time!

Maybe we should have rested a little more before the Baron's baseball game that night.  Luckily Will had a nice little nap on our way there and then he was ready to go!

Will has just started his second season of playing baseball.  He loves it and was super excited to see such a huge field and "real" baseball players!

Grams and Nana (taking the picture) came with us!


Will and his daddy

After both teams batted Isabel thought it was about time to go.  She was horrified when my mom explained that they each batted NINE times!  She made it through about 4 innings and then was begging for a phone to play.  I just don't think baseball is her favorite!

The next morning we headed to the Birmingham zoo

We all enjoyed watching the elephants spray themselves with mud!

Isabel loves to be the "big cousin" and take care of Avery and Ansley

Cousin fun!

my monkey

Apparently a late night at a baseball game and then a long morning at the zoo is fun but exhausting!!

Monday, June 2, 2014

Sprinkler time

Isabel and Will have been asking when it would be warm enough to play in the sprinklers since Christmas.  Josh and I finally just decided to give in and let them play.  It definitely wasn't 100 degrees yet but they were warm enough and had fun!

"hurry up and take the picture so I can go play!"

Like I said, it was a little cold

shivering but still has a smile on his face

pool noodles make everything more fun!

Somehow getting the water out of the sprinkler was more fun than playing in it!

School's out for summer

Isabel and I were super ready for school to be out for summer but Will wasn't so sure.  He has had the greatest teacher and class this year.  He is ready for Kindergarten!

Will's last day of school (with his new summer haircut)

1st and last day of 4K

Because Will's school was over a little before Isabel's, he got to come to her field day.  Honestly, I think he may have loved it more than she did!

I may have gotten a little teary when I realized it was Will's last day to be in the carpool line with me.  I'll be picking up my little man with his sister next year!
1st day of carpool 2012 and last day of carpool 2014

Isabel likes school but she was 100% ready to be done this year.  The saddest moment was the night before when I said, "Isabel are you so excited?  No more homework or getting up early for 2 months!"  She had a horrified look on her face and said," 2 MONTHS? That's all? I thought we were out for a year!!"  Poor kid!
This was her last day of school wearing the tie-dyed shirt they made in art class 

Now we are ready for a super fun summer (full of denial about what happens in August!)