Friday, May 16, 2014

Mother's Day 2014

I really enjoyed Mother's Day weekend this year. I got up Saturday morning and started making breakfast for Will when I got a text saying soccer games were cancelled because of the weather. That meant I got to enjoy my breakfast and then go back to sleep while Josh and the kids played downstairs. Sleep is definitely my love language! Later we went to a food truck event and then played outside while Josh grilled hamburgers for dinner.

Sunday was a fun day at church and then a relaxing day. Both kids gave me sweet cards and hand-made art projects. What else could I want?

I spent Mother's Day simply thinking about how hard Mother's Day can be for so many people and how much I have to be thankful for. I'm thankful for my sweet mom who has encouraged me and loved me unconditionally all of my life. I'm thankful for my mother-in-law who has always loved me like a daughter. I'm thankful for so many mommy friends who support me, give me advice and make me laugh when my kids make me want to scream. :)

Most of all, I'm thankful that I get to be Isabel and Will's mommy. Some of my favorite things about being their mommy right now:

* I love putting them to sleep...most of the time. I'll be honest, some nights I'm too exhausted to enjoy it but most nights I like laying in the bed and reading with Isabel and then rubbing her back like my mom did with me. I like reading with Will and then doing "our thing" that he always whines about asks for which could be rhyming, playing eye spy or just talking about our day

* I love checking on the kids before I go to sleep.  99% of the time Isabel is in the same position that I left her in; on her belly with her arm tightly around a stuffed animal, covers still in place.  99% of the time Will is in some crazy position with his head on anything but his pillow.  However he will still have his two favorite loveys, court and monkey close by!

* I love getting to spend time in Isabel's classroom and eating lunch with her at school

* I love that Will is still willing to reach up and hold my hand when we are walking together. I know he won't want to forever. 

* I love watching Isabel in her new tumbling classes. Some things she is great at but some skills are hard! I'm always amazed when she simply tries over and over and her smile never disappears. I know it is not easy for my little perfectionist.

*I love watching Will laugh hysterically at his new favorite show, America's Funniest Videos Kids' favorites.

* I love watching my kids around babies and toddlers. They LOVE little ones and are always so good with them.

* I love watching Isabel and Will together.  They are SO DIFFERENT in so many ways and that leads to a lot of fighting sometimes.  However, sometimes (and more often recently) they decide to play happily together (school, gymnastics class, or put on a show) and it makes me happy.  I also love watching them act as a team.  If one is scared to do something, they get the other to go with them.  Together most of their fear disappears.

* I love praying with my kids and listening to them talk about God. They ask some tough questions but I love those moments when something clicks with them

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