Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Spring Break 2014

We were all so ready for spring break this year!  We all needed a break from school and the strict, crazy schedule that comes with it.  Plus our new pastor decided to close the church office for the week so Josh got the whole week off as well.  Perfect!  We decided that a relaxing trip to Birmingham would be a nice way to spend the week.  We spent time with family, went to the children's science center, played at Samford and just enjoyed time together.  Plus Josh and I spent a day in Atlanta shopping at Ikea and having dinner with some of our best friends from college that we never get to see.  It was wonderful!

Avery was at her other grandparents that week but Isabel and Will had so much fun playing with Ansley and Addy.  Isabel loves being the oldest cousin.  She constantly wanted to take care of Addy and the highlight of her week was getting to feed Addy one night!

Will loves his cousins too but it is hard to be the only boy sometimes.  He loves when he gets to be the only one to hang out with the "big boys" (Josh and Matt)

wrestling with Will

Loving the McWane Center!

sweet cousins

Samford will always be one of my favorite places!  It is so beautiful and we have so many special memories of this place.  I love taking our children there and watching them enjoy it too!

Ha! This picture makes me laugh every time!

We definitely enjoyed our break.  Now the count down 'til summer begins!!

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