Monday, April 28, 2014

Officially registered for kindergarten

Friday was a big day for my little man.  Will is officially registered for Kindergarten!!  Although thinking about my baby going to kindergarten makes me want to cry, registering Will was actually easier for me than it was to register Isabel.  Part of this was simply because it was also Isabel's field trip day so I needed to be in two places at once.  I was stressed about getting paperwork done and being with Will but also getting to Isabel in time before the buses left.  This left little time for me to think about what I was actually doing.  The other reason is because I already feel comfortable at our school and so does Will.  I didn't know the school, the teachers, or anything about elementary school when I left Isabel but now the places, people and routines are familiar and I know he will love it.  

Will is way more excited and way less fearful about starting school than Isabel was at this time.  Again, it is because he has basically already experienced everything through Isabel and is ready to do it himself now.  His only fear is that there is "no play time in kindergarten and he really likes being able to play at school now."  Ha!  It will be interesting to experience school through the eyes of Will compared to Isabel's interpretations.  They are very different kids!!

As Josh and I filled out his paperwork, I realized how ready my baby is for kindergarten.  I was able to mark that he knows his alphabet, sounds, numbers, address, telephone number and is starting to read.  I know he will do amazingly well in kindergarten, just like his sister.  He may be ready but this mama is definitely not ready to let him go yet!!

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