Saturday, April 19, 2014

Easter Egg Hunt Fun!

Some of our friends hosted an Easter egg hunt at their house today that was so much fun!  The weather was amazing and we all had a great time.  We ate lunch and then waited while all of the guys went to hide eggs.  Then we let the kids loose in the front yard.  My two were much older than the others so we cut them off after a while.  They were so cute helping the little ones though!  After all of the eggs were found, we all hung out enjoying the beautiful weather while the kids blew bubbles, drew with sidewalk chalk, ran around the yard and of course dug into some eggs for some candy.  I am so thankful for sweet friends and a fun day!

A beautiful bunny with her handsome brother

I love this crazy girl

This picture makes me laugh.  He is trying to make himself stop and smile for the picture like I asked but his eyes are still looking for more eggs to grab!

Such a cute little bunny.  He had fun just sitting in the yard watching the big kids run around.

Sometimes the "hiders" can be a little mean. ha ha!
Will spotted this egg and after trying multiple times to jump high enough to reach it, Josh finally came to help

Such a cute bunch of kids (and some of their parents)

love these two so much!

**This will always be an Easter to remember for me: the Easter I had to tell Isabel that the Easter bunny wasn't real!  Honestly, we have gotten lucky for the past 7 years.  We have never really said the Easter bunny was real but we never said he wasn't real either. We really just didn't talk about it much. We have always done Easter baskets on Saturday and simply said it was a fun Easter surprise.  My kids never asked if it was from us or the bunny.  Then on Easter Sunday we focused on Jesus, the cross and His resurrection.  It was easy...until this year.  Isabel came home from school on Thursday and asked if the Easter bunny was real.  I tried to just play it off and not give her a real answer but there was no way that was working.  She was told at school that the Easter bunny brings presents if you are good and since she thinks she was good she wanted to know where her presents were.  I reminded her that she has always gotten something for Easter so that led to "well, did you put stuff in my Easter basket or did the Easter bunny?"  Ugh!  I didn't want to lie to her and I don't really care if she believes in a huge bunny anyway so I finally just said, "what do you think? Do you think a giant bunny brings you presents?"  She laughed and assured me that she never really believed anyway.  We did have a conversation about not telling anyone else because it can be a fun secret and lots of kids still believe.  I have to say, I'm fine with her knowing the truth about the bunny but I'm super thankful this didn't lead to questions about Santa.  I'm not ready for that! Why are my babies growing up so fast?

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