Wednesday, April 30, 2014

1st grade field trip

As Josh finished up Will's kindergarten registration, I ran to Isabel's room to get ready to leave on her field trip to the Adventure Science Center. (I guess this is just the beginning of juggling 2 kids in school and trying to be in 2 places at once.)  I found a room full of first graders super excited about their day.  We loaded the buses and were on our way.  Since Isabel doesn't usually ride the bus, getting to ride the bus to the science center is almost as exciting as the rest of the field trip!  We broke into small groups and the kids were off to explore.  Keeping up with 4 girls was a little challenging sometimes but we had so much fun!

Loving the space section

There were so many places to climb and slide


Sweet friends

Each girl made their own creation in the "tinkering garage"  

Group picture!

It was such a fun day but I was beyond exhausted when it was over!

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