Monday, March 10, 2014

Instagram catch-up

Since it has been almost a month with  no post, I decided that anything is better than nothing...right?  The update will have to come through instagram pictures since apparently I only take pictures with my phone these days.

We have had a lot of snow days in the past month. There was very little snow on the ground for most of these snow days because the northern part of our county gets way more snow than we do.  Anyway, this day Isabel decided no school meant dressing like a princess for the day!

In between the snow days, we have actually had some days with amazing weather (only in the South can it be in the 30s and the 60s in the same week).  Disc golf has become a new favorite activity.  Some of the students got Josh hooked and he quickly shared this obsession with Will.  Isabel and I have decided that it can be pretty fun too.

Sometimes Isabel and I just swing while the boys are playing.

We have also passed around a stomach virus. Josh started the "fun" so I took Isabel and Will for a fun morning building and painting at Home Depot.

Little man had his picture day at school last week.  I'm never quite sure what the kids should wear for "Spring" pictures when the day before was a snow day.  Anyway, I think he looked pretty handsome but don't tell him that. To Will, handsome means fancy and it is NOT a compliment to be fancy.  Every Sunday I hear "Why do I have to be so handsome all the time? Some of the other boys in my class don't have to." (By the way, "dressing up" for church usually means jeans and a button down shirt).  The morning of his pictures he said, "Why do I have to be so handsome today?  It's not even Sunday!!"  He is such a boy!!

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