Wednesday, March 19, 2014

D Now weekend 2014

This past weekend was disciple now weekend for the youth at our church. As always Josh put in tons of time and effort and it showed. We had almost 40 kids take part in the weekend (and can I add that about 10 of those registered sometime in the 3 days before it started and 2 simply showed up without ever registering. Gotta love teenagers). Regardless it was a great weekend and I'm thankful my mom came to stay with Isabel and Will so I could spend most of my time with this group.  The kids had a great time but it was obvious that God was working in them at the same time.

I led a small group with six 8th grade girls and I LOVED it.  We discussed temptations, lying, cheating, words, being selfish, relationship with parents and so much more.  These girls are super amazing and I'm hoping that Isabel is as strong in her faith as these girls seem to be and that she is surrounded by Christian friends like they are.  
(yes these are both terrible phone pictures but you get the idea)

One of my favorite things about these weekends is being able to watch Josh around these students.  He is able to be responsible and organized while also being approachable and fun. That may sound simple but it is actually a ridiculously difficult thing to accomplish with teenagers. These kids respect him and have fun with him but are also able to trust him completely and know they can go to to him with any problem or question (and do regularly).  He always seems to know the perfect thing to say to them. God has definitely given him the exact spiritual gifts needed to minister to these students.  Our entire church talks regularly about how thankful they are for Josh but it is after weekends like this that I am reminded why.

I wanted to add a link to his most recent blog post because I loved it and assume others need to read this as much as I did. 

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