Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Celebrating our girly girl

Instead of a big party this year, Isabel decided to celebrate her 7th birthday by inviting 3 friends to a new kids salon near our house.  The girls got to have their hair, nails and make-up done.  There were also dress-up outfits and karaoke.  A perfect description of all things Isabel loves!  She talked about the party for weeks and was so excited when it was finally time!

Isabel insisted on making the cupcakes instead of buying some.  Her initial plan was to have pink cupcakes with chocolate icing.  However, since Will was horrified with this idea and devastated that he would not be able to eat any cupcakes she switched to fun fetti cupcakes with both pink and chocolate icing!

The morning of her party started with snow!  The grass and roads were actually covered pretty quickly but luckily the roads were clear in time to get to her party.  You gotta love snow in the south.

Loving the outfit she chose to wear! There was plenty of twirling happening!

Getting her hair done....

Looking beautiful with LOTS of "fairy dust" in her hair
(that didn't come out even after multiple washings)

Their dolls had to be dressed up as well...

Lillie showing off her beautiful nails.

Ava the performer entertained us with songs from Frozen

Hardest part of the party for the girls......letting their nails dry!

Showing each other their manicures

My sweet girl looking way too old with make-up and earrings!

Ready to blow out her 7 candle

 I'm so thankful for Isabel's sweet friends.  Unfortunately one little girl could not come at the last minute but these 3 girls had a blast (Grams, Nana, the girls' moms and I had fun too.  Josh and Will were in charge of bringing the pizza and then they gladly stayed out of the way)

Isabel got clothes for her doll and a new necklace and earrings!!!

After we got home Isabel opened presents from Grams and Nana.  I love seeing her with the angels I got each year when I was a little girl.

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