Friday, January 10, 2014

1st semester 1st grade recap

After a 2 week Christmas break plus 3 days off for snow/ice/single digit temps, Isabel and Will finally started back to school.  We all enjoyed their 3 weeks off but I think both kids were ready to get back to school.  I realized that I have not posted anything about Isabel's 1st semester of 1st grade so I better do it now.  I'm sure the rest of this year will fly by and she'll be ready for 2nd grade before I know it!

I am so thankful that Isabel is still loving school. Although we usually have to drag her out of the bed in the mornings, she is happy once she is there.  (Don't feel bad for her though. Her school doesn't start until 8:45 am and she doesn't wake up until 7:45 am. This seems ridiculously early to her 5 days a week but 75% of the time, she is awake before 7:30 on the weekends. I don't get it)  I have enjoyed getting the chance to work in her classroom multiple times a month.  Josh and I also get to eat lunch with her regularly.  She loves it!!

School picture without her front teeth
Isabel is doing really well academically! We were so proud that she made all As on her first report card.  Luckily she was able to get used to the tests in first grade pretty quickly.  I was worried that my little perfectionist would have a hard time if she didn't get a 100 on every test.  Although she usually does well, she also understands that she cannot always get a perfect grade and just needs to try her best.

I helped with her "Fall Party" which was a lot of fun!  The kids did multiple crafts, ate some yummy food and even got their faces painted!

Having lunch with Isabel and her friend, Lillie, on Halloween

Isabel participated in the Bulldog Walk again this year.  The kids walk laps to raise money for their school.  Like last year, it was a cold morning but the kids had a great time and Isabel ran 25 laps!

showing off her laps marked on the back of her shirt
(and Will playing in the background...I'll admit that I got a little teary thinking that both of my kids will be at school next year! I guess I need to figure out how to be with two classes at once!!)

thankful for sweet friends

another fun school lunch! 

  I loved her letter to Santa that she wrote in school one day

Other random pictures from my phone:

loving the Christmas decorations

Isabel loves anything arts and crafts and can also be super goofy she is dressed up as "santa"

Isabel has been working hard to teach Will to read this year.  It is amazing how well she is doing. She still wants to be a teacher some day and will definitely be a good one

Isabel LOVES to play on Josh or my phone.  After playing some game where she can design dresses, dress up fairies (and apparently take pictures with them), I find TONS of pictures like this on my phone!

We love our little girl so much and cannot believe she will be 7 in less than a month.  I'm so thankful for a happy, healthy, smart, creative and beautiful little girl!

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